… about the WW I flying ace and stunt pilot who landed the first plane at Banff (on the frozen Bow River)?

… the story of an outlaw obsessed by Jesse James who escaped from custody once, broke out of jail twice, and caused terror around Calgary before he was caught and brought to justice?

… about the devastating fire that swept in from the west to the edge of Calgary in 1936?

… what an orogeny is?

… the story of a missionary who travelled around Western Canada by horseback, accompanied by his pet cat?

… what a drumlin is – and that there is a swarm of them near the mountains?

… where you can surf on the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains?

… the identity of the dead man that the Dead Man’s Flats is named after?

… where Paradise is found right next to the Underworld?

… that there is a ghost town near Banff that you can only visit by scuba diving?

is packed with valuable information for both the first time visitor and the seasoned veteran who has travelled Highway 1 countless times. Natural history, native culture, personalities, geology, geography, conflict, trivia and the land itself are all brought to life inside these covers.

West on One can be appreciated as a point-to-point reference while travelling the Trans-Canada between Calgary and Lake Louise, as a reference to be picked up and browsed in a random fashion, or as a compilation that Alberta history enthusiasts will read cover-to cover. Enjoy your journey!

“This book is a fascinating perspective on the people, events, geology, flora, and fauna that one passes through on the often too-hurried trip from Calgary to Lake Louise. A must-read for all locals and visitors who want to delve into the majesty of our surroundings.”

  • Peter Spear, a native Calgarian, has spent over 55 years exploring the Rockies as a certified hiking and backpacking guide and a Banff Park interpretive guide.
pulls together diverse stories and information and presents them in the same manner as the traveller encounters them – en route, along the Trans-Canada Highway.

The book tells the stories of early exploration of the west, the first ranches and homesteaders, industrial developments that are obvious in the landscape but mysterious in their activities, communities with deep roots in provincial history, a native reserve with a rich history and culture of its own, some basic geology as the Rocky Mountains rise on the horizon, the wealth of animal life that lucky travellers may glimpse along the highway and the formation of a park that brings pleasure to many visitors each year.

It is a useful and engaging work, which brings alive the past and present along the 183 kilometres between Calgary and Lake Louise. West on One is a guidebook, a fascinating account of history and a wealth of information.

Kathryn Manry was born and raised where this book begins. She has been travelling the Trans-Canada Highway to the mountains for as long as she can remember. An outdoor enthusiast, many of her happiest days have been spent exploring the region described in this book.

When not hiking, skiing or writing, Kathryn is usually in her studio working on her paintings. Just as the outdoors and special places inspire her to share stories in writing, she finds delight in interpreting her vision of the foothills, mountains and other wild places in paint. A keen birder, many of her paintings feature avian imagery.

Also in bookstores is Kathryn’s book, Skoki: Beyond the Passes, which explores the history of Banff National Park’s first backcountry ski lodge.

Visit her website by clicking here.

Kathryn Manry

Scott Lake Hill
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